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Executive Vice President, Telus

“I want to acknowledge that ACN has long operated with integrity, solid business practises and a commitment to service excellence”

Tips Before You Enrol Customers
  • Download or print all the Telus documents in the back office so you can reference the plans, pricing and features.

  • Your IBO# - Make sure the customer has it written down

  • If The Customer is transferring phone numbers (home or cellular)

  • How many TV boxes will the customer need at their house

  • If the Customer needs wifi boosters because they live in a 3 story house

Wifi mesh booster for the best wifi coverage
Transfer your mobile number from another provider to Koodo
Transfer your mobile number from another provider to Telus

The Team University shouldn't be something that you check off a to do list. Although we offer the app and all it's training for FREE, I recommend that you pretend like you paid a tuition for access to it. When you start a course really listen to the training, take notes if you can and use the knowledge to ask yourself introspective questions about the ways you can improve your leadership.

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