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This contains a Google document folder with ALL the files a leader will need to present, launch new IBOs and train. DO NOT share with other teams or post to social media.

Presentation, Launch & Docs

You must learn how to launch a new IBO into the business successfully and this is the document our team uses to do that.

Newest Social Asset

"Who do you know?" That is a question you will get asked in training over and over. Download this list and look at each occupation and ask yourself that same question.

Memory Jogger Doc.

The fortune is in the follow up. It's something you have to remind yourself to do and this list will help.

Follow Up List

If you would like to post something to social media, here are some examples. If you have an idea to make something reach out to us, lets make it happen!

Social Asset Folder

RVP Sharon Ramstad has a CPA & MBA. Within THE TEAM University app Sharon has done a tax training to help you maximize your benefits. 

Allowable Business Expenses
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