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Every Wednesday Evening

Join THE TEAM as we hear presentations from top Regional Directors and exclusive training custom tailored to fit your business and where you are at. 

First Wednesday Evening Of The Month at 7PM MST 

RCs & RDs this is your opportunity to learn from the newest FIRST RVP Gold in Alberta. We will be showing you the skills and concepts that will take you to the top FAST. We are creating NEW chapions and you will be one of them.

Saturday System Training

Training the topics of mindset, compesation plan, team building, customer aquisition and events is critical. This is the foundation of our business and every top producer knows their fundamentals.

Summer Super Saturday

Don't miss your chance to learn from the TOP leaders in ACN. This event is happening in Edmonton and will be packed out. Make sure you have your ticket!


Tim & Sharon
Tim & Sharon Ramstad where the secondwere the second regional vice presidentwere the second regional vice president to promote in the history of Alberta. Traditional business owners with over 40 years of experience they know a good opportunity when they see one. Sharon, with her CPA and MBA brings a level of expertise that is not found on any other team. Today they are Top producers in ACN.

Regional Vice President

As top producers who lead by example, Tim is also the owner of Ramstad Trucking & Sharon has a CPA & MBA.

Richard Griffith is a regional vice president with ACN. he leads a fast growing team and is regularly at the top of the north American American production charts.

Regional Vice President

A goal setter who takes consistent action and enjoys personal development and helping others.

Dom & Jordanna
Dom & Jordanna Linic were the first individuals to promote to the position of regional vice president within Alberta. Leading the top producing teamwere the first individuals to promote to the position of Regional Vice President within Alberta. Leading the top producing team in the country, with over a decade of experience, they continue to produce leaders. As the top leaders in ACN they are continually on the production charts and creating leaders.

Regional Vice President Gold

The first RVPs in the province of Alberta with over a decade of experience creating leaders.

Gaea Gallito specialized and personal customer acquisition. She promoted to the position of regional vice president with over 60% of her customers gathered by herself, although she is from the small town of Fort McMurray, Gaea business has expanded nationally.specialized and personal customer acquisition. She promoted to the position of regional vice president with over 60% of her customers gathered by herself, although she is from the small town of Fort McMurray, Gaea has expanded nationally.

Regional Vice President

The first person to promote to RVP with over 60% personal customer acquisition.

Regional Directors

Akilah McKenna

Akilah McKenna

Cecilia Marting and Kim Martin

Cecilia & Kim Martin

Chris Ryter

Chris Ryter

Fernando Carrera

Fernando Carrera

Tess Leyba

Kimerlee Rendell is the first regional Director to promote in the Yukon. She is proof that with a coachable attitude, Desire, and a consistent work ethic THE TEAM system can help anyone succeed.

Kimberlee Rendell

Lisa Barker

Lisa Barker

McKenna Perkins

McKenna Perkins

Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson

Ricky Renshen

Ricky Renshen

Roberto Gisenya his experience with social media advertising.

Roberto Gisenya

Terence Leung

Terence Leung


We know this might be your first time in business and your first customers will likely be people that you know. That is why we strive to offer the a high production value experience, striving for excellence in everything that we do so that you feel excited to build BIG! 



Group Zoom

Webinar Training

Micro Learning



Team Resources

Video Training


Live Events

Welcome To
THE TEAM University

Things are different. . . 
The world has adapted, we've all become comfortable meeting online and working remotely. Streaming services prove people want content to fit into their schedule. 

​This app allows our team to learn on their own time, take micro learning courses that will help them advance their business and gamify the process so they feel rewarded for learning. Answering skill testing questions correctly will earn them more stars, you'll climb your way up the leader board and get rewarded with gift cards! Using push notifications, the spaced repetition algorithm will repeat important learning topics to increase retention. This is the future of leadership development!

Notifications and reminders to finish courses on time so NEW IBOs learn  what they need to do to get paid FAST!

Visit the constantly growing library and decide what YOU WANT to learn next.

Check the Monthly Learners Leaderboard to see how you stack up and compete for the prizes at the top of the class.

Simple user interface with easy to navigate controls.

THE TEAM University App is a network marketing industry first. A micro learning app that gamifies training topics.

Stop fighting short attention spans – work within them. With microlearning, learners can complete their workplace learning in highly-targeted bursts. This makes new information easier to digest and increases knowledge retention.

A Rapid Refresh Quiz is a gamified way of testing knowledge. Our algorithm send out the test automatically our team’s devices – whether it’s part of a weekly training session or once after a meeting. Our leaders can automatically collect responses from your team after any learning opportunity and check what they understood so they can provide the additional support needed.

Starts . . .


THE TEAM sets the standard for live training events that offer high impact training, superior production quality.


June 8


Join the RVPs & Top RDs for a Presentation & System Training

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